North State Steel, Greenville NC

North State Steel’s successful engineers have a special love of building structures-buildings, stadiums, airports–anywhere a solid structural foundation is needed.

Our engineers face a diverse set of challenges, from using computer-aided drafting software to creating blueprints, tracking the progress of a project, to communicating effectively with all team members.

Excellent project management skills relating to the scope, budget, location, resources and delivery schedule are an absolute requirement at North State Steel.

Our engineers do an outstanding job of working and coordinating with the subcontractors, vendors, architects, and other involved in the project. They also understand the many important differences in working with healthcare, manufacturing, education, government and a wide variety of other project types.

North State Steel engineers often split their time between the office and the actual job site. This means they can experience challenges first-hand, and give professional direction to the construction site staff.

Let’s not forget our engineers adhere to strict safety guidelines and keep current with completing required safety forms.

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